Aikido in Northern Territory

State Area Representative

Marie Petery Shihan(6th dan)

Sugano Shihan personally appointed Marie Petery Shiahn (6th dan) to the role of Northern Territory Area Representative. She has overall responsibility for the Territory.

Assistant Area Representative

Mark McLaughlin 2nd Dan

Assistant Area Representative

Trustees also personally appointed Mark McLaughlin to the role of Assistant Area Representatives, he also hold the Position of President of Aikido Northern Territory Inc, he oversee a key area of responsibility within the Territory.

Key State and National Roles

Sasha Muller

Member Protection Officer

Charles Addison (3rd dan)

National Childrens Coordinator

Naomi Boulton


Camille Berthelier


The role of Member Protection Officer is appointed by the State Area Representative. The role of Children’s National Coordinator is appointed by the TTC which is currently filled by Charles Addison.

The roles of President, Treasurer and Secretary are voted in at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in September.  Currently, Mark McLaughlin, Naomi Bolton and Camille Bertheilie hold these roles respectively. Marie Petery Shihan is the Current Public Officer for the Association