Senior Instructors

We are extremely lucky to have a wealth of senior Aikido instructors resident in Norther Territory many of whom also train and attend events as students themselves. Click on a profile to learn more about their history and where they usually teach.


Sugano Foundation Fellow commenced Aikido in Darwin Northern Territory 1974

Marie Petery Shihan (6th dan)

Technical and Teaching Committee Member National Area RepresentativeSugano Foundation Fellow Commenced Aikido in Darwin Northern Territory 1974

Ferenc Szabo 4th Dan
Mark McLaughlin 2nd dan)

Mike Petery started Aikido  in Darwin Northern Territory in 1974 at the of 22.   He was also studying  Judo at the same time, but decided commit to Aikido full time. 

Marie started Aikido in 1974 in Darwin.  She studied under Richards Barnes sensei.

Petery Sensei comes with many years of experience not only personally as an Aikidoka but also in managing a large sports complex. She is admired by all who know her and has broad experience of Aikido matters both locally and internationally. 

Trustees of the Sugano Foundation have appointed Marie Petery Shihan, 6th Dan, as the new National Area Representative, which will take effect from 1 July 2022.